What does the treatment involve?

Scalp micropigmentation involves the placement of pigment (not ink) into the second dermal layer of the scalp. The microfine needle points must be seen under a microscope to be fully appreciated. This allows our experienced technicians to produce microscopic details when performing this semi permanent procedure. Here at Benjamin Alexander SMP, we take pride in our fine attention to detail when it comes to the art of 3D scalp micropigmentation. With our own technique for microscopic hair follicle colour matching and follicle replication, we can create a realistic hairline with the required hair density. This procedure is meant for anyone who is dealing with some level of balding. Whether you're completely bald, have a scar on your scalp, or you just have thinning hair and you would like to make your scalp less visible, scalp micropigmentation is the best and easiest solution for you.

Our specialized needles

Hair follicles come in varying clusters or groupings. These groupings vary from 1 hair follicle to 5 hair follicles. Most hair follicle groupings on the human head are made up of 3 and 4 hair follicles. Our specialised needles allow us to match the appropriate density each client needs to achieve the look of a full head of hair.